The annual outing of Facebook Meteorologists is in full swing. Facebook servers are under severe strain from the pictures of the first inclement weather of the season.

It seems in spite of it being cold every year it still astounds the
“weather experts” who annually post 300 poorly taken pictures of a rather
lacklustre weather event.

Martin Phuckerburger from Facebook said “The severe strain on our servers
may cause a slowdown of services for some people. While we try to prepare
for every eventuality a bit of snow in Rochdale quadruples our peak load
and processing power is very expensive”

Chardonnay, a Facebook Meteorologist said “I just had to take pictures and
upload them to Facebook, imagine if someone lived in a house without
windows and they went outside expecting glorious sunshine and went to work dressed inappropriately, also I’m sure it’ll help blind people too” when
asked how Chardonnay expected blind people to see the photos on Facebook she stated “They’ve got guide dogs for that”

If you want up to the minute weather reports with 100% accuracy you can
either look out of your window or go on Facebook, both should be reasonably reliable.