Vice-President elect Mike Pence is expected to ask Donald Trump to move him to another area after becoming unhappy as part of the incoming Republican’s transition team.

Evidence against Intelligent Design Mike Pence only moved in to lead the transition team earlier this week at the expense of Chris Christie, who was removed either because he helped prosecute Ivanka Trump’s Father-in-Law of tax evasion, or because the possibility of jokes about Christie overseeing the bridge between two administrations were too embarrassing even for a fledgling Trump administration that appears to have misplaced the Pentagon.

Initially Pence’s mood was good at being given the responsibility of leading the transition team, one of his aide’s confirmed to The Rochdale Herald. It was seen as an honour, and was a more important role than most Vice-Presidents are given at any time during their incumbency.

However, soon Pence, a fierce campaigner against LGBT rights became unhappy with his new role.

“Mr. Pence became aware of what his new job sounded like,” explains one staffer. “Those looking for the vice-president were told ‘Mr. Pence is in transition at the moment’. Obviously for man as outspoken about the gay, lesbian and trans communities as Mr. Pence such a suggestion is taken very seriously.”

Any request by Pence to leave the transition team will further complicate the already far from smooth transition process to the Trump administration, with several key positions in cabinet currently unfilled and many departments still waiting for their first contact from the Trump team. In response to this the Trump administration has transferred some its most experienced aides to work with Pence to help with the process.

“Mr. Pence has advanced aides,” confirmed the administration.