President-elect, Donald Trump, learned that Nigel Farage is not the King of England and that the monarch is in fact a female, on an interview with FOX news earlier today

A visibly shaken Mr. Trump said;

“You’ve got to be kidding me right? This is a joke right, you’re kidding me. You’re saying that no good frog faced puppet lied to me? He slept in my golden guest bed, he flew in Trump force one! Who the hell is he? I’m gonna sue him. I’m gonna sue this joker so biggly.”

Mr. Trump seemed to calm down as the interview progressed and reiterated that Mr. Farage had in fact orchestrated Brexit.

“He may not be king yet but he will be now that the UK has seen sense and ditched its parliament. They’re taking back control. Taking control folks. Taking control all the way to Sovereign.” he said, referring to Brexit.

But when political news anchor, Sam ‘The Man’ Alvarez pointed out that Brexit meant leaving Europe and not ‘ditching parliament’, an already irritable Mr. Trump exploded with rage;
“Well that’s no political revolution! They ditched Hansel and Gretel? So what. Who cares? Europe. Europe huh?”

He added “Oh boy, I can’t believe I offered that guy a go on Ivanka. I feel so betrayed.  Who is this guy? He’s getting banned from America folks. So banned. And sued so biggly, I’m serious.”