The editorial department at The Rochdale Herald was in uproar this afternoon after one of the biggest names in satirical local news blatantly ripped off their ripped off meme of Jeremy Corbyn on an Indian train.

The Rochdale Herald’s original pinched meme

“It’s not on,” James Grossweiner Jnr told us, “we blatantly pinched that on Thursday. You can’t go around pinching stuff other people have pinched and then try to pass it off as your own when they’ve already passed it off as theirs. We’re not animals. It’s an outrage. We’ve contacted our solicitors.”

The version those utter bastards at The Southend News Network ran

The Rochdale Herald’s solicitors Bodgett & Scarper said;

“Obviously this is utterly ridiculous. The Rochdale doesn’t have a case, it’s not even their meme. But you know, we charge three hundred quid per letter and private schools are expensive, so sod it, let’s have a go.”

The editor at The Southend News Network hasn’t yet officially responded to our accusations of plagiarising our plagiarism but reportedly said “Who?” when he was presented with our cease and desist letter.