The Herald are proud to bring you this fun & easy to do quiz – Find out if you are inbred white-trash!

Question 1 – If your mum & dad got divorced would they still be brother & sister?

Question 2 – Does your school provide daily field trips to smoke weed under a nearby canal bridge?

Question 3 – Do you believe that immigrants steal your jobs despite never having had one?

Question 4 – Do you think “Deliverance” is a fly-on-the-wall documentary about life in the big city?

Question 5 – Are you from either the Isle of Wight, Rotherham, Bury, Slough, South Wales or the West Coast of Scotland?


Mostly “yes’s” or indeed just the 1 – Congratulations! You are a massive pikey; a slack jawed yokel; a toothless simpleton!!!

All “No’s” – You must be David Hoare, the recently resigned former Chair of OFSTED or one of his dinner party guests! Don’t you feel superior? Even if you were forced to resign for making a tool of yourself!