Researchers at the esteemed Rochdale Community University have published a study today revealing that fool-proof satire is still not fool-proof. 

“We gave some angry morons access to satire sites that publish on Facebook,” said Dr Faye Kacademique, “and made sure that they only read the ones with the word satire on the actual page the plonkers were viewing. Jesus F Christ but people are thick!”

90% of the made up participants still became outraged by what they read, and continued to be offended even when the joke was slowly explained to them.

“Seriously, I am ready to give up on humanity,” continued Dr Kacademique “One was angry and offended by the thing that was being mocked and still blamed the satire site after it was explained that they actually agreed with her point of view and were mocking the people who had done the bloody thing she found offensive!”

The research, published in The International Journal of Idiotology And Cockwomble Studies, looked at commenters from the Facebook pages of NewsThump, The Onion and some rag that tried to pass itself off a local paper.