The often misunderstood sport of dog fighting will soon move from the underground scene to a purpose-built two-hundred seat arena in Rochdale. With a perspex surround, much like an ice hockey rink, a licensed bar and a cafe, the arena has the added attraction of a children’s play area.

The venue is hoping to attract some of the World’s most famous and vicious canines to Rochdale, where the best of the best will compete every weekend.

We spoke to the man behind the vision, Pat ‘Knuckles’ McGee, about his plans for the future of the sport and the terrific new multi-million pound stadium.

“I’m just so made up that at last common sense has prevailed and the council have bought into my dream and top class dog fighting will now have a place to call home.”

Pat went on to tell us about his exciting youth policy.

“Yes it’s the thing I’m most excited if I’m honest. Every Thursday evening kids from the local area can bring their family pet down and learn the basics of sports like baiting, cattle prodding and some veterinary patching-up skills.”

Pups getting a taster session

The sport gets a bad rub in the press admittedly, but if you’ve never experienced the thrill, the smells, often described as a heady mix of blood, excrement, sweat and Lynx Africa, you shouldn’t comment.
We do lots of unseen good. For instance, we take all the seized dangerous and illegal dogs from the police, like Pit Bulls, American Staffies, Poodles and Chows and we give them a second chance. It used to be these poor creatures would be terminated, but now they get to live on, well the winners do, and live the life of a champion”.

Top dog fighters on the underground scene can earn as much as £1.75 per fight at the moment, but with the sport’s new professional outlook, that is expected to double, even triple, with sponsors and possible TV rights further down the line.

If you’re interested in a season ticket, you can now apply and receive an early-bird discount of 10%. Simply email The Rochdale Dog Dueling club direct, quoting discount code BAR-BARICK to