Violent hate-filled men in masks

Racists reacted with predictable denial today when faced with the reality that the punishments they frequently recommend for those seeking asylum, immigrants and generally anyone with more than a two day sun-tan are identical to those regularly employed by the Wahabi Regime of Saudi Arabia and the terrorist ‘organisation’ known as IS, ISIS and TISWAS.

Violent hate-filled men in masks

Bigoted extremists from around the UK today claimed that bigoted extremists from other parts of the world were evil, so they were justified in suggesting anyone not born in this country to British parents who speak the language should be subjected to horrifyingly violent acts of slaughter and they definitely weren’t evil for saying so – they just want to “tighten up our boarders [sic].”

Violent hate-filled men in masks

This claim was adjusted countless times, in order to apply to whoever they were paranoid about due to a Daily Mail headline, or whichever minority was being targeted at any given point, including anyone on a dinghy in The Mediterranean, people who have Muslim friends, those with skin darker than a pine wardrobe and any lefty scum who disagrees with genocide. We asked several racists for their opinions.

Violent hate-filled men in masks

Barry Shitweasel, spokesman for important and forward thinking political organisation Britain First, said ‘it’s completely different – we think violent retribution should be carried out upon people who don’t agree with are ideologies in order to protect a culture and history we have no factual or informed understanding of. I’m not exactly sure why them lot do it, but it’s disgusting what they do. Hanging’s too good for them, but I’d hang them all anyway so we could use the rope again on more of them’.

ISIS hanging captives

EDL gobshite, Chris Bell-Endersby, pointed out ‘it’s them violent terrorists sending people fleeing war-torn countries we’ve bombed the shit out of over here on boats and we haven’t got room for them, so we should drown them all – every last one of them. Hopefully there’ll be sharks too’.

ISIS drowning hostages

Mrs T May, of the Maidenhead constituency, stated ‘they only come over here for our jobs and/or benefits and houses and NHS and free cars and mobile phones and white women. I’m not even that racist, but I’d line them all up and put a bullet in their heads. It’s the only language they understand’.

ISIS lining people up…

Clive Ovens of Lancaster laughed, ‘how do you know they aren’t all terrorists?  You don’t. They sneak in dressed as women and children. Half the women and children are terrorists as well and will stab you as soon as your back is turned, so I’d chop all their heads off if they refuse to be deported back to whatever Islamicist country they came from and fight for it like our boys did in two world wars. We didn’t run away like these cowards’.

A Saudi punishment

It is believed that the recent referendum result has emboldened such wildy hypocritical attitudes and many racists, who previously kept their hideous views to themselves, now feel liberated and fully justified in wishing harm upon anyone who doesn’t share their blinkered ideas.