Latest figures released on the governments website reveal the good old British sense of humour is alive and well as almost unbelievably Boaty McBoatface is now the second most popular boys name in the country, and perhaps even more incredible it’s currently sitting eleventh on the girls list also.

Once again the most popular name registered to date is Mohammad with Boris a new entry into 3rd spot Nigel in 4th and rounding up the top five we have Donald.

We spoke to The deputy manager at Rochdale’s registry office Muareen Clarke who told us;

“Last week alone we registered four boaties and three Nigels and one Ronaldo.”

However as quick as names arrive in the top ten it also means other names get forgotten about or dismissed due to current trends and media attention.

Ms Clarke said the long term outlook for names such as David, George, Boris, Angela, Andrea, Nigel, Owen and Theresa isn’t looking good.