Rochdale Borough Council have announced ambitious plans to enter into the selection process for European City of Culture 2020.

Local councilor Peter Radcliffe believes the idea has captured the imagination of Rochdale.

“The buzz is definitely growing around here, and we have already completed the first page of the application form.”

“We first thought of the idea way back in 2008 when it was handed to Liverpool, I mean once that lot got it it blew the competition wide open for any old city to enter, and I’m fully confident we have got more then enough culture to satisfy the judging panel”.

Amongst the places featured in the bid are Sandbrooks Retail Park featuring an Odeon Cinema and KFC as both have recently installed some cracking hanging baskets. Shelley B’s Transport Cafe on the Drake Street is in the bid as they now call their cheese toasties “Paninis” (4.5 stars on TripAdvisor well done Shell).

The local skate park will be repainted to cover up most of the racist graffiti and there’s talk of even having some street artists shipped in from Salford.

When we mentioned to councilor Radcliffe that Rochdale was in fact a market town and not a City he muttered something about leaving the gas on and left.

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