A smug father of two from Bolton has taken the plaudits of his close friends and family as he managed to pack away all the Christmas shop into the family medium sized fridge/freezer combo without instruction from his normally loving wife.
The only tricky decision was whether to leave out the Waitrose ready made bread sauce or his aforementioned wife’s homemade cranberry sauce dude to a slight lack of space.

Sadly for the smug bastard, his wife soon returned from work and instantly rearranged the whole fridge, fitting in everything and adding four baked apple and blackberry pies without issue.
Despite the small set back, the slightly hurt Husband still shared the images of said fridge in both his family and friend’s WhatsApp groups, on Instagram and Twitter, to the continued adulation of at least 9 men. Most of the positive feedback came from the other Husband’s in the WhatsApp group who all lauded the fact that he was allowed to put away the food alone.
Sadly, after getting wind of the excitement coming from her Husband’s phone, the wife posted the new picture to all platforms and once again, the Husband returned to his natural position in society.