It seems that our writers are on form today.  One of our articles has apparently upset a section of our readers more than usual, to the point that one “Expert”, when challenged, felt capable of writing something much more relevant and funny.  He has submitted something in an effort to prove his claim.
Here it is, we leave you to judge its level of hilarity:


Satirists give masterclass in social media relations.

Contributing members of a mediocre satirical page gave a masterclass in social media relations earlier today by writing a badly judged piece that, in their heads was some masterpiece of subversive social commentary but in reality was a bit shit and refusing to admit it.

It’s like I’m the bastard lovechild of Bill Hicks, Stuart Lee and Oscar Wilde’ said author of the article, Philip Jones, of willow cresent, Spotland. “The fact the followers of my page didn’t find it funny and told me as much proves what an edge lord I am, I’m like a comedic Van Gogh, not appreciated in my own time”.
When asked if repeatedly calling people who follow their page ‘snowflakes’ and daring them to submit their own satirical efforts, to be judged solely by them and return a purely objective judgement with absolutely no biases as to whether their article was ‘funny’ was prudent as well, they responded “yes, you absolute cretin”.
Phillips’ mum, of the same address added “his brother was the same at that age, always trying to be so provocative and cool, fortunately he met a nice girl and once he’d touched her boobs, he calmed down, with any look the same will happen with him”.
Despite their insistence to stand by their poorly written article in the comments, they have subsequently posted several right wing bashing satirical pieces, no doubt hoping that Facebook algorithms will push the offending article down the newsfeed, saving them face without actually having to admit they screwed up.

(Editors note.  The Herald’s staff have not proof read this article.  Any errors are entirely the writer’s own.)