The latest twist in the ongoing farcical shitshow that is the US President’s attempt to build an completely pointless wall simply because he said he would, in order to trick idiots into voting for him, is one his misguided followers can all now get behind and contribute to.

Just weeks after announcing that the Mexican funded wall would actually be a ‘see through fence made of steel. American steel’ funded by Americans, the international figure of derision has changed his mind again. The wall/fence will now be constructed entirely from the thoughts and prayers of gullible Americans.

After continuously having funding for his futile vanity project blocked by all sensible minded members of Congress, Trump is claimed to have said it was ‘time to get creative, possibly the most creative anyone has ever been in the whole of history. We’ve all seen how effective thoughts and prayers are in dealing with mass shootings and natural disasters, so we are now going to use them to stop illegal immigration’.

Despite Civil Engineers pointing out that building a 30ft high wall, or fence, out of the well-wishes of 65m Dunning Kruger Effect victims is an impossible task, Trump is intent on pushing ahead with his plans. ‘I probably know more about engineering than most people. If I’d become an engineer, I would have been the very best and if I say we can build it this way, we can’, a Whitehouse insider quoted the President as saying today.

It is believed that the President will kick-start his plans tomorrow by posting a tweet urging Americans to ‘MAGA. Build the wall!!!! pls send THOUGHTS n PREYERS x’.