The political right, bigots, misogynists, anti-feminists and liars across the country united yesterday, to fully embrace political correctness, after the opposition leader was accused of calling a stupid woman a “stupid woman”.

It is unclear whether or not Corbyn used the term, or said something else entirely, but salivating hypocrites were quick to attack him and defend all women from the demeaning concept of being referred to as female.

“That Theresa May is stupid is beyond any reasonable doubt, but for this treasonous, racist, antisemitic, terrorist sympathising, vegan misanthrope to call her a woman is disgusting, disingenuous and insulting in the extreme and there is no place for it in Parliament” claimed a senior cabinet member.

The Tory Party took a break from implementing policies which do real damage to women, such as the “rape clause” to access child tax credits, closing potentially life saving support services and various austerity measures, which hit women the hardest, to condemn Corbyn’s possible use of the word “woman” in relation to a woman.

Even knuckle-dragging domestic abusers were quick to jump on the PC bandwagon, simply because it was a way to have a go at a man who has spent his political career tirelessly campaigning for fairness, equality and women’s rights in general.

“How dare this commie scumbag say these vile things about are [sic] leader? He should be strung up and fed to wild dogs outside of Parliament’ commented Jim Gamm on Twitter, adding “the left are the real sexists”.”

The Herald reached out to Jeremy Corbyn for comment, but it was unclear what he actually said – even to our lip reading expert.