A bottle of £3.50 red wine from Lidl, which was brought to a house warming, has finally been returned to the cheapskate couple that originally bought it.

The bottle has been gifted an estimated 12 times, passing hands through various couples’ evening meals and get-togethers, without ever being opened.

After 18 months it has finally eventually been gifted back to Daniel and Charlotte of Nordon.
“We can’t believe it; that bottle must have seen a good few curry and homemade tapas nights and not one person has opened it! I can’t guarantee that it’ll taste like vinegary piss, but the slightly squint label and pretentious name hints at it.”

When asked what they intend to do with the prodigal bottle, Charlotte had this to say:
“I can’t risk giving it to friends again in case it’s done the rounds through them;

“I’ll probably donate it to the church Easter fayre’s tombola table, or give it to that miserable cow Karen at the office for her leaving present