Disgruntled shopper Eileen McCarthy nipped into Poundland around lunchtime on Friday leaving her tartan bag on wheels parked up on the kerbside. 

To her dismay on her return she found a distinctive yellow ticket strapped to the bag in its clear bag.

Eileen said “It’s nothing short of appalling they’ll stop at nothing these bloody idiots and their ticket gadgets!”

Eyewitness Steven Iverson said “The situation’s a joke, yesterday I saw a traffic warden rubbing his hands together and smirking like the cat that got the cream when he spotting an overflowing wheelie bin dumped on Drake Street.” He added “They’re like Panthers dressed in oversized macs prowling the streets with hawk eyed vision waiting to pounce on their next victim.”

All of this is a total puzzle to UKs leading parking expert Fiona Whiting a Chartered Banker come campaigner who set up parkitappealit.com to fight on behalf of pissed off motorists. Whiting the author of best selling book “Ticket this!” regularly stands up to zealous ticket hounds at appeals courts up and down the country.

“I thought I’d seen it all” Whiting remarked “We’ve all heard of the the hearse getting a ticket whilst loading up a coffin and the horse left unattended whilst it’s rider went for a pee in a bush. We even cracked a smile at the now infamous rabbit hutch incident but this ticketing Moran is taking the title of Jobsworth to the extreme.”

The public are being urged to remain cautious at this time as anything with wheels is falling foul of the rogue warden. Rumours are circulating that an abandoned wheelbarrow has just been done over on Milkstone Road.