Commuters were left stunned this morning when Londoner Harry Turner spontaneously burst into flames aboard a Manchester tram. 

The tragedy occurred after he was forced to sing the Hokey Cokey by jovial tram driver Roy Turner.
Passenger Jill Reilly from Oldham told reporters; “It was a bit odd. Roy started singing the Hokey Cokey. He shouted ‘altogether now’ there was a funny smell and then this bloke at the front made a noise like ‘whoomph’ and the whole tram full of smoke. It was dead weird.”

The victims wife, hearing impaired Nessie Turner, told The Herald; “it’s against nature singing and talking on a tram. I’m glad I’m dead.”

Council Chiefs are now considering placing warning signs at tram stops in the region to notify passengers that eye contact and general friendliness are common occurrences aboard Manchester trams.

Roy’s proposed transfer to Brixton has now been put on hold over health and safety fears.

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