It’s that time of the year again when everyone makes doomed to fail resolutions but, fear not, there’s a new product on the market that will ease your January blues.

New Juice Minus is a complete meal plan to rival the hugely popular Juice Plus. There’s just one slight difference though; no juice!

Cameron Pound, the product’s inventor said, “This isn’t a fad. It will revolutionise your relationship with food and help you to lose those stubborn inches.”

For £33.00 a week you get a shaker and an advice pack.

The shaker, which you’re advised to ‘drink water from’ includes a screw top to ‘keep your water from spilling’.

The advice pack suggests that you ‘eat less food’.

The plan is already a huge success in the states after a celebrity endorsement from Charlie Sheen who said “I’ve never been so thin.”

Juice Minus will be on sale in UK in all good outlets from January 3rd.

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