Retired upholsterer, Brian Mould, was thrilled to see a bespoke video of his 2016 appear on his Facebook newsfeed earlier this week.

Filled with anticipation he gleefully  clicked on the link, not knowing that it would be his penultimate click before navigating to The Samaritans website.

“It was devastating.” he said.

“My profile picture is of Nelly my cat, who I sadly lost last year. She was my only friend really and the video just kept showing the same picture of her over and over again and reminded me that I liked it.”

Nelly was eventually found but was run over and died shortly after.

Luckily The Samaritans were on hand to help Mr. Mould.

“She was like an angel that woman on the phone. I don’t know what I’d have done without her, I didn’t realise a simple video could get you so down.”

“I wish I’d seen one of those inspirational quotes instead, that would have perked me right up.”