EXCLUSIVE: With Britain poised to trigger Article 50 and put the wheels irreversibly in motion to finally leave the European Union, a leaked home office email reveals government plans post Brexit.

The email, which was forwarded to The Rochdale Herald by an anonymous party, has an attached document outlining plans for the creation of a new European Federation to replace the current ‘out of date’ and ‘unfit for purpose’ European Union, which, it states, is due to be disbanded in 2017.

Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have already signed up to the benefits of the new Federation which include access to the single market and the free movement of people.

Our anonymous source refused to be interviewed but did answer some of our emailed questions with this statement;

“Of course they have a plan. Those in the know have been aware that the union will cease to exist in 2017 for years. Do you really think the government would let an uneducated plebiscite make such a serious decision?

It’s called the illusion of choice and is just a tactic to take your mind off them scrapping our human rights and spying on us all.”