Great news for Rochdalians!

As of October there are now 4- count em! 4- platforms at the beautiful train station!

The new platform – actually a half platform half bay thing: a bayform or a platay? A play?- was cleared for services, as they say, on 28th of last month.

This means there is slightly more opportunity to leave Rochdale and go somewhere else than there was before! Perhaps a holiday to… Blackburn or even Blackpool!

Or maybe you could actually move to another place, like Oldham or Preston or that London that they have on the tele!

Obviously you would need to be loaded to afford a train ticket but one thing at a time!

Pedants have pointed out that “new” might be a slight exaggeration because the station used to have eight platforms and four bays and rebuilding one of the old bays and calling it a platform after giving it a bit of a sweep isn’t really adding a new platform at all.

But we say: shut up! It’s better than what was there last year or the year before when we we only had two platforms! And Andrea Burton said I can snog her in the subway if I get this published so sod you naysayers!

Timetables are available online by visiting the Trainline , Northern Rail or the National Rail Enquiries.