We were furious – Clive Gulliver told us. Clive Gulliver and his wife Amanda were visiting the historic town as there was no where else to go within their £20 budget.

“The guy seemed genuine” said Amanda. “He promised us a zombie experience for a tenner and said he definitely wouldn’t spend it on smack, which in hindsight seemed a little odd. Nevertheless we handed over the money and he directed us to ‘Ye Olde Haunted Pub’ which had recently changed its name to The Regal Moon apparently.”

Although initially impressed with the  authenticity of the ‘experience’ the couple were angered when the charade melted away.

“We thought it was brilliant at first.” said Clive. “The costumes, the sites the smells and the slow walking and grunting. It was ultra realistic. It was bang on”.

But when local man Terry Smith explained that there was not such attraction the couples awe soon turned to rage.

Amanda said; “We were livid. It turns out there’s no zombie experience and that Rochdale’s just a shit hole filled with druggies. I can’t believe we gave a smack head a tenner to send us to a pub.”

Fortunately there are fun experiences to be had in Rochdale. Ghost Walks can booked at the Toad Lane Co Op museum.