Barry Noakes, a 53-year-old welder from Heywood, walked into the Regal Moon last night like he was king of the world.

He strutted to the bar and ordered his pint of mild, before slowly opening his wallet and majestically producing the brand new fiver to audible gasps.

Bar manager Mark Douglas, who served Barry, said “It was really exciting. I’ve been fascinated by all the news stories about them, and to actually hold one was just brill. We ran it under a tap and tried tearing it, but being plastic it just wouldn’t!”.

Regal regular, Ged Fontaine, said “It was doing the rounds like herpes in a Uni. Everyone copped a feel; it was like an 80’s DJ reunion at a school”.

Unfortunately the last person to take a look at the note was a heroin addict who was just passing through. It was not seen again, and Barry couldn’t afford his pint of mild.