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Ursula, 26 As wholesome as white bread and as sweet as a lemon. More bark than bite and less sense than your average millennial. Deadpan delivery and puns often get me in to trouble. Countdown and sudoku are my guilty pleasures.

Green Day to re-release American Idiot in honour of Donald Trump.

September has ended and Billie Joe Armstrong is finally awake. It’s a pity that nearly half of the American people are still asleep when...

Smaller snacks mean cutting calories, not raising profits, claim chocolate manufacturer

As a result of austerity measures and the ongoing fight against fat, it has been revealed that major manufacturers will continue to reduce the...

Tim Westwood admits that he is a white man trapped in a black man’s...

“Tim Westwood is a giant twat, and his name makes me cringe. I LOATHE the fact that, like him or not, the hip-hop scene in the UK owes him a massive debt. It really galls me, it really does. Twat.” A. Spaniel
Charlottesville Car

Fox News Reports white guy’s car damaged by protestors in Charlottesville

Respected, unbiased and completely impartial US News channel Fox News is reporting a story from Charlottesville in Virginia that violent left wing protestors have...

Vaping kills claims tobacco company spokesperson

A shocking revelation has come to light in a study recently carried out by reputable cancer stick manufacturer, Rechmond Stirrling. However, the outcome has been...

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