Mark Zuckerberg didn’t attend a hearing in the United Kingdom because he would like to be informed via digital poke

A Parliamentary spokesman said, “Mark Zuckerberg is a hard individual to get ahold of. The Founder of the Worldest largest Social Media network seems to be avoiding talking to Parliment. The reason Mark Zuckerberg rudely did not attend the hearing, is he only responds to being “Poked” on his Social Media site.”

A Facebook spokesman said, “Poking is a very odd feature on Facebook. Nobody really understands what it is used for. Many elderly relatives use it, to remind their family that they are still alive. Most don’t use the feature as it is the most pointless feature, on an ever increasingly pointless site.”


It seems Mr. Zuckerberg loves the feature. He uses it to set his daily calendar. So when Parliament didn’t poke him on Facebook, Zuckerberg then did not know to attend the hearing. Mark Zuckerberg does not enjoy physical contact, so he prefers to be touched digitally. 

 The Parliamentar spokesman told us, “Many would assume Zuckerberg would be aware of the hearing. As his company is being investigated for listening in on users phones and computers. One would assume someone at Facebook could write on his wall, to notify him of his hearing. Parliament should not be surprised Zuckerberg ignored their hearing.”

Most assume nothing will actually happen to Zuckerberg. As he always emerges from the rumble unscathed likeTony Blair. Also, it is really hard to convince 2 billion people to delete their accounts. Maybe Parliment can add Mark as a friend. Then send him an invite to their next event.

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