In a refreshing change of direction, Sheffield-based indie rock band Reverb Army has written an angsty song about a girl.

Having teased the song at a pub gig last week, frontman Jake Bower said it’s “wholly original” and “a new type of indie rock”.

The tune tells an emotional story about meeting a girl and developing feelings for her, only to find out that they aren’t mutual. It’s thought there are only a small number of songs on the topic and Bower is confident that Reverb Army’s four-minute-long hormone-fuelled looping guitar riff with distorted vocals is the best.

“We really put a lot into this song,” Bower told The Rochdale Herald, “It took a long time for us to create it.”

The band has since posted sections of the lyrics online to build anticipation, revealing heartfelt lines such as “You never know until you try, I’ll love you until I die” and “Fucking whore, you’re such a frigid bitch.”

Bower also announced plans for another song, hinting that it’s “about a dude” and promising fans that they’ve never heard anything like it.