Aled Jones, 46-year-old presenter of Songs Of Praise and former choirboy, was suspended by The BBC today following allegations of ‘inappropriate conduct’.

The allegations are reported to have been made by former acting star, The Snowman, who shot to fame following the 1982 televised adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ book of the same name.

A statement was released by Mr. Snowman’s lawyer earlier today:

“My client is alleging inaproppriate conduct by Mr. Jones, following an incident in Christmas 2011. Mr. Snowman is coming forward with this information in the hopes of preventing similar abuses of other fictional characters.”

Though no details have yet been released, it is thought that Mr Jones made lewd remarks to Mr. Snowman regarding his carrot, specifically asking whether he could gobble it down as part of his 5-a-day, before taking hold of it and rubbing it suggestively.

Mr. Snowman fell on hard times shortly after his big break, managing only to find occasional seasonal work for the next 15 years. In 1998 he landed a role in Troy Miller’s Jack Frost, but a tempestuous affair with co-star Kelly Preston ultimately led to complications on set, which saw him being deleted from the movie and replaced by Michael Keaton.

Mr. Snowman was asked to appear in the followup to The Snowman, The Snowman And The Snowdog, and it is believed that the alleged offence took place during a pre-production meeting at the Offices of The BBC.

The Snowdog could not be reached for comment.

A BBC spokesperson told us that while she couldn’t comment directly during the on-going investigation, she could confirm that “children gaze open mouthed, taken by surprise” and that “nobody down below believes their eyes.”


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