As a result of austerity measures and the ongoing fight against fat, it has been revealed that major manufacturers will continue to reduce the size of confectionary, sources say.

This is an existing issue which has been apparent for many years. When the price of chocolate frogs has become so high that you have to consider taking out a mortgage to buy a multipack, something’s got to give.

In a recent projection carried out by a major confectionary label it has been found that by 2020 their famous chocolate frogs will have been reduced to the size of tadpoles. Company executive Gethin Smaller has defended this saying:

“We are preparing for a change in consumer needs. With the latest findings by Public Health England showing that over 25% of children are overweight it is something we have to pay close attention to in line with Government Legislation. In spite of the ‘Sugar Tax’ being introduced no radical changes to these statistics have occurred. It is for the good of our children’s health and their future.”

When questioned about the reduction leading to an increase in company revenue spokesperson Di Abetes commented that “Public Health England have supported the reduction strategy and no correlation has been found between the shrinkage of products and health concerns

Further comments from a competitor’s customer, known as Pinchin McIkat show this approach is being adopted within the industry;

“Galaxy? Really? This isn’t even the size of a Milky Way. Don’t even get me started on those!
Chocolate bar sizing is so badly in decline that the Hubble telescope to see them. Even then, the chance of finding a decent size snack is waning, affordability seems to be light years away…”

It seems wheels may be falling off the wagon when it comes to the state of the economy. However, we suggest you consult the Freddo index, have a break and enjoy a chocolate covered wafer. The sugar coating fat cats will continue to sugar coat the cost-cutting once you’ve drifted in from a time-out.