Hip-op star Tim Westwood has revealed that he has been struggling with trans-racialism since he first appeared on our screens in MTV UK’s “Pimp My Ride”.

In a stripped down, tell all interview with The Rochdale Herald Westwood admitted that he began to experience doubts when studying all VHS tapes of Xzibit’s term within the show.

“His attitude was bare lit, you get me? His rhymes were bangin’,son. For real.” Westwood started. “His skills were dope and it hit me, bruv. His exterior matched my interior.” He went on to explain that his epiphany was brought on when he noticed his reflection in a wheel trim, when adding a black decal skin on to a Subaru.

Westwood is not the first celebrity to identify as racially misplaced.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s doubt about his own race materialised the character that we remember nostalgically every once in a while. Sacha found himself in Ali when performing in the role an when asked to comment on the matter he said “Me have greatest respek for the blacks and the whites. Me learnt how to treat mingers and gaylords with respect too, beetches.”

Tim Westwood has received a wealth of support from his close buddy Nelly, despite him having to listen to his dilemma over and over again.

However others have criticised his return to the scene stating:

“Tim Westwood is a giant twat, and his name makes me cringe. I LOATHE the fact that, like him or not, the hip-hop scene in the UK owes him a massive debt. It really galls me, it really does. Twat.” A. Spaniel

“I fully admit that he is a bellend but important as well. He helped develop UK hip hop. These kids don’t know they are born. I am from the era where the best UK rapper was John Barnes for fucks sake.” –B. Morrisian.

The way he talks is ridiculous, he’s from Lowestoft. I’ve got more ghetto in my little toe. He does have fantastic taste in music though. C. Wilson

Westwood’s latest album “Hip Hop Club Bangers” is out in stores now. Selected customers will be given a sausage sandwich in hopes they are able to keep it down after listening. He is now considering a return to Weather bulletins. Disappointed? Remember, even 59 year old Hip Hop DJs have to throw in the mic at some point.