Support groups representing bullies are calling for the term bully to be banned.

They claim it is a negative and pejorative phrase and leaves the victims feeling, well, bullied.

Gripper Stebson of Bullies Against Slander, Threats And Really Derogatory Stuff (BASTARDS) said “Its not all fun and games being a bully and the way we are treated is a scandal – branded ‘Bullies’…..remember words can hurt too!”

Similarly others felt that it impacted upon their families too. Sandra Clarkson, mother of a renowned bully who asked not to be named so we will call him simply ‘Jeremy’ said “Its not just Jeremy who is effected – it impacts on the whole family too.”

Sandra, of Bully’s mis-Understood Mums (BUMs) said “Jeremy is a victim of circumstance. If everyone else didn’t bring their kids as such utter wimps then he wouldn’t have to bully them. He’s the victim really, if you think about it!”

But this view wasn’t echoed by everyone. Steve Dickinson said “If it makes them feel better let them give us names. But get it right. It isn’t even bullying, it’s Character Building. They should be thanking me.”

Mr Dickinson is the founder of Constant Users of Negative Terms which, apparently, doesn’t have an acronym.

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