When 5 year old Brody Loughlan asked his mother what she would like for Mothers Day, she didn’t expect what happened next.

“A lie in please” was the response of the exhausted mum of 5.

What Brody did next shocked the entire community. He broke into Rochdale Zoo and lured a lion out of it’s enclosure with a dodgy kebab he’d purchased from Kebobbins on Drake Street.

The lion sauntered through the streets before turning savage when it was startled by excited residents, who had lined up in droves to pose for selfies with the beast. Falinge is now barely recognisable following the rampage. Emergency services joined forces with zoo keepers and eventually controlled the animal.

The boy’s frantic mother briefly spoke to reporters outside the family home tonight and said the lion had actually been a breath of fresh air following the years of homemade crap she’s had to endure.