After recently testing new his new material in Parliament, Chancellor Philip Hammond has decided to take his own brand of political comedy “on the road.”

Having received a great response from Conservative backbenchers during his Spring Budget routine, Hammond believes there is a huge gap in the comedy market for a sneering, politician who vaguely resembles a Dickensian funeral director.

He explains, “People already see me as a sort of Parliamentary Michael McIntyre but now I’m hoping to bring my comedy to a whole new audience: working men’s clubs, underground alternative venues and the like. Boldly going where no Tory has gone before. You’ll wet yourself when you see what I pull out of my box…”

When asked what his hopes were for the tour Mr Hammond responded: “Who knows? I’m in the process of booking an Edinburgh Fringe venue so let’s see how that goes. I mean, Theresa May laughed her way through a whole box of Tena Lady, so we’re off to a good start.”

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