Technicians were called out this week to reboot Donald Trump, after a catastrophic failure in his programming left him arguing with his own reflection.

The call was made on Friday morning, after an aide who was investigating raised voices found the buffoon in a heated debate with himself over who was the greatest, most bestest president ever.

“I walked in on him stood in front of a mirror, screaming at his own reflection” the aide told us. “He actually thought he was having a fight with another person.”

I.T specialist, Maurice Moss, responded to the call:

“I suspect that he was just generally talking out loud about himself when he walked in front of the mirror. His software isn’t as sophisticated as most people’s, so it would have been easy for him to mistake his own reflection for another person.

“This model is also equipped with a substantially larger than normal ego chip, meaning he was unable to concede defeat, even to himself.”

The President was switched off, left for a few minutes, and then switched back on again. Unfortunately it looks like it might be a hardware issue…

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