Hard core punk rockers, Dead Kennedys, have agreed to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration after Susan Boyle was forced to cancel.

SuBo was due to perform the Dead Kennedys classic 1981 punk anthem ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’, but had to cancel after apparently picking up  urinary tract infection on a trip to Russia.

Dead Kennedys are set to perform a cover version of Pantera’s 1992 song ‘Piss’ at the inauguration.

East Bay Ray told us:

“We couldn’t give a flying fuck about Trump. He’s a dangerous lunatic. And he stinks of piss.

“We’re doing this for SuBo. We’re all massive fans. ”

A Dead Kennedys/SuBo collaboration album is rumored to be in the works, due for a release date to coincide with Trump’s impeachment sometime around mid-July. 

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