The High Court has this week ruled in favour of Sleeping Beauty, and handed a jail sentence to Prince Philip.

Prince Philip began his prison sentence this morning, and has also been placed on the sex offenders register. This means he must meet strict conditions upon his release, or face a return to prison to serve out a longer sentence.

The High Court was acting upon claims brought by Sleeping Beauty’s attorneys, following allegations of rape at Ms. Beauty’s residence on the night of the 18th of last month.

The high-profile case revolved around one specific assault, in which the Princess Aurora was sexually violated whilst asleep in her chambers.

Prince Philip’s defense team asserted that he was acting in the best interest of Ms. Aurora, and that he was in fact attempting to lift a curse that had been placed upon her.

The Judge was not convinced, however, and had this to say in his summation before announcing sentence:

“While I do believe there may be some small measure of truth to Prince Philip’s story, following testimony from the complainants family of a curse, the fact still remains that no consent was given.

“The sexual offences act 1957 states that lack of consent may be demonstrated by evidence that by reason of drink, drugs, sleep, age or mental disability the complainant was unaware of what was occurring and/or was unable to give consent.

“I therefore have no choice but to sentence Prince Philip to no less than 5 years at His Majesty’s pleasure, and to place him on the sexual offenders register.”

Since the high-profile case was made public, several other Princesses have come forward with further allegations of sexual assault directed at Prince Philip. The Crown Prosecutor is currently reviewing evidence with a view to bringing further charges. 








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