Following a recent tweet in which President Elect Trump spoke of expanding Americas nuclear arsenal, talks have been held between Trump’s team and weapons manufacturers Skynet.

Mr. Trump Tweeted on 22 Dec about his desire to make his nuclear arsenal much larger, until everyone else came to their senses and reduced their own stockpiles.


Skynet began life as Cyberdyne Systems, a small parts manufacturer in California specialising in computer components, before mysterious breakthroughs in microprocessors for weapons systems led to lucrative government contracts.

The company came under scrutiny in the mid 90’s after Cyberdyne’s lead researcher, Miles Dyson, was implicated in the terrorist attack which destroyed the company’s headquarters. No charges were formally brought.


In late 2003, Cyberdyne and most of its patents were sold to the US Airforce for an undisclosed sum, and was later restructured. A new branch of advanced weaponry technologies, Skynet, was formed with the aim of developing more sophisticated weapons operating systems.

“I look forward to working closely with Skynet”, Mr. Trump told us. “They’ve made unparalleled leaps forward in terms of weapons development, and it’s my aim to hand over the reigns of our new nuclear arms project to their best and brightest. I’m giving them complete control”.

Skynet, under the leadership of Dr. Daniel Dyson, are also planning the release of a sophisticated new app, Genisys, which will link private, public and military networks.


Genisys is due for release in early 2017.


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