Sun readers are up in arms today after 1,500 dogs were found in France being kept in truly atrocious conditions which one reader describes as “not even fit for refugee children.”

The dogs, which are mostly puppies, are being kept, packed together in shipping containers. The unlucky, unregistered ones are being forced to sleep out in the open at night, finding whatever shelter and safety they can.

“It’s discusting making dogs live like that. It moves me to tears. I wouldn’t wish those conditions on an Afghan toddler, maybe an Afghan teenager but not a toddler.” Said Michael Dean, a Sun Reader.

Labrador Dogs

The dogs, which are mostly male two year old Salukis, Anatolian Shepherds, Kangals, Vikhan Sheepdogs and Afghan Hounds, are being held by French authorities without food and without access to clean drinking water.

It is also alleged that no one is allowed inside the containers except for French security guards, prompting fears for the safety of the most vulnerable dogs.

On Saturday, President Francois Holland spoke out saying Britain should help by taking some of the dogs.

Amber Rudd allegedly said;

“Any dog either not eligible or not in the secure area of the camp should be cared for and safeguarded by the French authorities.

“We are, however, committed to working with the French authorities in bringing the cutest dogs over to the UK as quickly as possible.”

Many cute puppies locked in the cage

The volunteers are maintaining a constant presence on site doing what they can for the dogs, but mostly just as observers, amid fears that dogs may be abused or simply wander off.

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