The government has overturned previous rulings by Lancashire County Council, which had refused Cuadrilla permission to begin fracking operations at two sites.

An act of Parliament was passed in 2016 devolving powers to local councils in matters such as policing or planning.

This act was widely applauded, as it granted more power to the people who were directly effected by decisions in such matters.

But it seems that this act doesn’t apply when the government has a different agenda to local councils. Like when super rich companies want to do something, but initially get told to frack off.

Then the government will step in:

“Sorry, local council, and all the people who stand to be effected, but, well, we really don’t give a flying frack what you think.

“There’s a shit tonne of money involved in this. Not for you, of course. No. All you can look forward to is the constant threat of earthquakes, the massive disruption caused to your transport system, the increased noise pollution, and – best of all – flammable tap water!

“And there’s nothing you can do about it, because we’re the  government, and we don’t actually answer to the people, despite what you may think. You bunch of fracking plebs.”

Now, I’m not suggesting that anyone in the government is on the take. It’s obviously just a massive coincidence that Cuadrilla has a fracking shit tonne of money.

And when was the last time you heard of a bent politician anyway? Everyone knows that they’re really only in it for the satisfaction of serving the people. Not for the money…