There was outrage within the US Gun lobby today after a six year old was shot and killed by a fourteen year old at an elementary school in Carolina.

The NRA were quick to lay the blame on the doorstep of the heartbroken parents of Jacob Hall who had been sent to school without a Kevlar vest, an assault rifle or a pistol.

“This is a terrible state of affairs and highlights exactly why more children need concealed carry permits of they’re going to continue playing outdoors. There really is no excuse for not arming your children so they can defend themselves when other children with guns shoot at them.”

“Guns come in a range of sizes and calibers. The 9mm Glock G42 can fit in your pocket and would be perfect for a child. I can send you a catalogue if you like, I think I have a discount code somewhere if you need one. Tell them Bob from the NRA sent you, I get a commission.” An NRA spokesman told us.

The answer always seems to be more guns with the NRA. At The Herald we wonder how many more children need to die before attitudes in the US will change sufficiently to change the law.

We suspect the answer is “all of them”. Our thoughts are with the family of Jacob and the other victims.

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