A tragic, privileged, middle-class man wrote a vile ‘article’ today about Emma Watson, an extremely clever young lady, after she made a very impressive speech to the UN in New York. 

Emma Watson was in New York to address the UN in her role as Goodwill Ambassador. She was speaking about equality, and more specifically about rape and campus assaults.

She was using her global celebrity to reach and inspire a huge number of people, and she did so beautifully. Her speech was powerful. And it wasn’t the first speech of its kind.

Any normal, non-twattish person would be impressed by this intelligent, eloquent, passionate young lady using her position to highlight important issues.

Not Rod Liddle though.

He used his position at The Sun ‘newspaper’ to write a piece in a pathetic attempt to belittle and undermine Miss Watson and her efforts.



Maybe it’s because he’s a misogynistic pig? Maybe it’s because he hates women, and feels intimidated by them? Maybe it’s because strong, intelligent women scare him? Maybe he was just trying to write an intentionally inflammatory piece of shite, because he knows there are lots of other misogynistic pigs out there who would like it?

Maybe he’s just a twat?

We’ll never really know, I suspect. What we do know though – those of us men who aren’t misogynistic pigs – is that women like Miss Watson are essential in this world. Firstly because they’re telling us things that we need to know.

Secondly, because they bring the misogynistic pigs out of the shadows and into the light, where we can all see them for what they truly are.

Hopefully we can change them. But if not, at least we’ll know who they are, and we can shame them for the twats that they are. 


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