Yet another episode of Fireman Sam, the Channel 5 children’s program about the perils of unionisation in the public services, was shelved today after it came to light that a magazine being read by disabled youngster Hannah Sparkes in the episode actually had the lyrics to NWA’s Fuck Da Police on the cover.

NWA are said to be furious about the copyright infringement

The programme was recently in trouble after pages of Islamic holy book The Koran appeared in an episode.

“Our researchers work to a very tight schedule and have to make sure any magazines or papers in the show have realistic but illegible text,” said a spokesperson for Fireman Sam, “ and there’s only so many times you simply list GP signatures.”

The text, saying ‘Lights start flashing behind me But they’re scared of a nigga so they mace me to blind me but that shit don’t work, I just laugh,’ appeared under a picture of Town Bus Driver Trevor Evans on a Magazine called Pontypandy Gossip.

Other oddments of text found in kids’ TV programmes include The Tiswas Theme in Pigeon Street and the complete Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels in an early episode of Postman Pat.

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