Angela Eagle, the well known former Labour Minister for something or other under Gordon Brown, has made a high profile bid for the leadership of the Labour Party.

The high profile politician, presumably with a constituency somewhere in the United Kingdom has promised to unify a pretty divided party.

The public have been pretty vocal about her candidacy, when we canvassed public opinion in Rochdale 90% of people questioned said “Who?”

Angela Eagle, apparently

The bid for the leadership comes hot on the heels of another terrible week for the beleaguered Jeremy Corbyn. Quite how Corbyn has managed to hook the future of the Labour Party into the bushes given the spectacular shit show that is David Cameron’s cabinet is completely beyond us at The Rochdale Herald, but here we are.

The Conservative Party is looking forward to an unopposed vote on Trident on the 18th of July, except by the SDP or is it the SNP? Who knows?

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