There were jubilant scenes among Rochdale’s hip, young and happy shoppers in the Espanade this morning as the news broke that the one-millionth sloppily produced rehash of the epic bunker scene from the seminal German WWII movie Downfall had hit popular youth video sharing web phenomenenon Youtube and was ‘in with a bullet’ within its first week of viewing on the top-pop sharing site with no less than a cool 1.8 million hits. The latest reworking (the first to reach the milestone one million landmark) features a beleagured Boris Johnson looking not entirely dissimilar to a bit-flustered Hiter pretending to be Boris Johnson, with a bunch of other Nazis/Tory MPs.


Downfall (In its native German ‘Der Untergang’) is a 2004 historical war film depicting the final ten days of Adolf Hitler’s rule over Nazi Germany in 1945.  Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and written and produced by Bernd Eichinger, the film received critical acclaim upon release and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Since then, the clip of the film’s famous bunker scene has been the go-to choice for every unimagiative wannabee-satirist and armchair/bedroom rent-an-opinonist vaankschaft from here to Timbukthree, having been used up to now by pan-political causists the world over, ranging from local rednecks campaigning against Pickering War Weekend to Moldovan crisp enthusisasts complaining about Gary Lineker’s lack of involvement in bringing back Salt ‘n Shake Chicken Giblets ‘n’ Tofu’ flavour Walkers to their nation’s newsagents.

Mark E Smith, out of the Down Fall
Local Rochdale hero Mark E Smith, who played Hitler in the clip, seemed unperturbed by the news however. “Wassah, wah fuh guh fuh.. Salford” he informed us IN AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE HERALD.

We look forward to the two-millionth re-working with baited breath…


Watch the video here!




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