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Brexiter says his raison d’être is to keep English for the english

Brexiter Pierre Norman has spoken to the Rochdale Herald about how his raison d’être is to get England out of the EU so he can purify the English language for everyone in the United Kingdom.

“All these foreign words make it harder and harder for hard working english people to understand each other.” Mr Norman stated. “Saving english for the English is why I want to get out of bed in the morning. It’s my raison d’être, as my dad used to say.”

Pierre gave examples of what he finds so upsetting.

“Take emir for example, what’s wrong with the good old english word admiral? Alchemy is another. What’s wrong with chemistry? Alfalfa! What’s wrong with plant? Once we’re out of Europe we can put a stop to this adultery of our mother’s tongue for good.”

When asked if he was aware that even alcohol is a word of Arabic origin, Mr Norman went into an expletive laden tirade that we are not able to reproduce, but let’s just say his passions were aroused.

“This is exactly the sort of euro file indoctrination that proper boarders will put a stop to. English children should grow up talking pure British. Brexit will save them from knowing their proper history.

The EU wants us all to talk the same, eat the same, travel the same, have the same amount of excrement on our beaches, well, my England isn’t having it mate.”

Mr Norman then went onto how the sea has always saved England from invasion, in complete ignorance it seemed of his surname.

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