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Fresh sexism row after Hammond overheard telling Theresa May not to ‘worry her pretty little head’ over Brexit

Philip Hammond was today facing another storm over his casual sexism as it was revealed that his response to the Prime Minister’s concerns over Brexit was ‘Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, Teri. The boys will sort it all out.’

Hammond sought to defend his comment by saying that the Prime Minister would obviously have had little time to address Brexit matters in the past fortnight because ‘she would have been watching Wimbledon, like girls do.’

He continued ‘Obviously it needs a man to run the Brexit negotiations because a man is not going to run off and cry over the slightest little thing.

She’s just lucky she has Boris and David to look after this for her, neither of whom are big girl’s blouses.” Boris Johnson was said to be ‘excited’ at the prospect of a big girl’s blouse.

Sebastian Wiesel: