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Donald Trump Jr upset by chants of ‘lock him up’ from Donald Trump Snr

Donald Trump Jr has allegedly complained that President Trump keeps chanting ‘lock him up’ at him.

Trump Junior made a complaint to a White House staffer following a meeting during which President Trump spent a full 10 minutes chanting that Trump Jr should be locked up.
The member of staff told the Herald, “Ever since the revelations about Mr Trump Jr’s emails earlier this week the President has been berating him in meetings.

On Wednesday the President even arranged a 2 hour meeting to be attended by the President, Mike Pence and Steve Bannon. Trump Jr arrived and they all just sat chanting that he should be locked up. Then lunch was served and there was a cake with ‘lock him up’ written on it.”

The Herald has also seen documents alleging that President Trump bought a large card, wrote inside it that Trump Jr should be locked up then posted it without enough postage for it to be delivered. Trump Jr had to travel across Washington D.C to pick it up from the post office and pay a postage fee before being able to open it.

It’s also alleged by a senior White House aide that President Trump has begun to assert that Trump Jr was born in Kenya and shouldn’t be near the White House. He’s alleged to have spent an entire evening asking Trump Jr who his father is.

There have also been allegations that the Breitbart crossword was deliberately tampered with so all the answers to all the clues were either ‘lock’, ‘him’ or ‘up’. Steve Bannon denies he can influence the crossword.

Francis Aston: