Nigel Farage faced questions from reporters today over his connection with a private fertility clinic in Argentina.

Farage, currently on sabbatical from the UKIP leadership, was cornered by reporters outside his Chelsea squat.

Unable to locate his house keys, a clearly frustrated Farage, was photographed banging on the door and shouting something in French.

The only response from inside the Chelsea domain, scheduled for demolition in the summer on public decency grounds, was the barking of a small dog.

Farage attempted to barge through the media scrum, but gave up and is alleged to have responded,

“Fat chance of breeding a master race in this metropolitan, elitist conclave. There is no purity of essence.”

He refused to respond further, even though he faced a wait of several minutes for his chauffeur driven Mercedes to arrive and whisk him to safety.

Speculation about his links to Argentina began last month when it was noticed his trips to Trump Tower are allegedly followed each time by a diversion to the secluded South American facility.

The facility in question, UberKinders, was established by German immigrants at the end of 1945. It is noted for the strict confidentiality of its services and for only delivering boys.

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