Paul Golding’s demands to serve his 8 week prison sentence “amongst his own people” have been agreed to because, frankly, British prisons are stuffed full of violent white men in their 40s.

Despite the likes of Golding and his Britan Furst chums constantly going on about immigrants, gypsies, tramps & thieves swarming all over the UK driven by open borders and multiculturalist do-gooders the facts just don’t bear that out. As Paul is finding out.

There are 85,000 men in UK Prisons. 90% of them are white men mainly serving time for violent crimes. When you are at the cash machine at 10 o’clock at night don’t worry about the Harlem Globe Trotters, Slumdog Millionaires or the local Polish Stasi….it’s Paul and his mates you want to be looking out for.

Of the existing male prison population 80% of them identify as being either Christian or of no religion. So when you see a gang of 20-something lads coming your way don’t worry about the Rastafari, The Muslim Brotherhood or the Kosher Krew….it’s Paul and his mates you want to avoid.

Of the non-violent related crimes Burglary tops the list of crimes for the white population of British prisons. So if you are unfortunate enough to come home to find that your house has been ransacked, it is probably not “Le Pink Panther” or the Black Panthers or even the Gujarat Panthers…it’s Paul and his mates you should be looking for.

I’m just throwing it out there, but maybe he is in the right place…

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