France was in shock today after a French beekeeper was stung to death in a tragic apiculture accident in the South of France.

The news comes just days after Marie Abeille was arrested by the Secret Police for activities deemed, un-French.

She was apparently stripped at gunpoint while trying to capture a swarm that was taking up residence in the roof of a beach hut in Nice when several brave officers tackled her to the ground for wearing too many clothes.

Stripping a beekeeper who has lots of bees with her is apparently a dreadful idea. According to French authorities Mdme Abeille died in hospital from multiple bee stings, definitely not from her bullet wounds or the head trauma she sustained when she fell from her ladder.

The Chief of Police in Nice apparently said; “We can’t have women on the beach wearing clothes. This is France, it stands to reason that if a woman is wearing clothes on the beach she must be being oppressed and it’s our duty to forcibly un-oppress her. I mean liberate her from her clothes, with extreme prejudice if necessary. Mdme Abeille was wearing a veil so how were we to know she wasn’t a Muslim when we shot…I mean helped her down from her ladder.”

Beekeepers throughout France are burning their hives furiously in case they too get a visit from the state police.

In an unrelated note much of Southern France collaborated with the Nazis during World War 2 and helped with rounding up many Jewish families.

Just saying.

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  1. “Much of southern France collaborated and helped with rounding up of Jewish families”. That implies the majority of the people in the South of France were complicit. Utter crap. Just saying.

    You are complicit, however, with what I admit is a funny story – but with the indoctrination and degradation of women (usually from an early age) to be forced to cover themselves up from the world. The Burkhini bans may not be the best answer (certainly hasn’t been thought through properly) but I’m sure the French won’t be taking lessons from someone like you who has almost certainly been allowed to show your face in public, wear a t-shirt and have the audacity to sport flesh revealing swimwear.

    Also, the vast majority of French police are armed. So whether you get stopped for a parking violation or caught pissing in an alley after a night out you will almost certainly be met with armed police. That fact that she was stopped by armed police is an irrelevance to the situation shown in the photo published the other day. Isn’t it also strange that journalists happened to be a few yards away ready to film the incident? 😉

    Just saying.