As its wheels touched down on a runway in France yesterday, a Ryanair flight completed a historic journey from the UK to within 200 miles of its destination in under 40 hours. 

Crowds of people gathered to watch as the Airbus plane touched down at Perpignan in France. Coaches were waiting to ensure passengers got to their holiday destination of Barcelona in Spain in time to enjoy a few hours of sun, before the return leg of their holiday began.  

A spokesman for Ryanair said “We’ve made a lot of progress in the last 113 years of flight.  The mere fact that we can now move hundreds of people to very nearly the same country as their destination is something to be proud of. And I’m sure they’d be willing to pay more to actually land even nearer.”

Aviation journalist Colin ‘Ginger’ Bosworth writes about the historic flight in this month’s ‘Tally Ho!’ Magazine, “It’s remarkable that on the day a solar powered plane makes it round the world to its exact destination in 17 months, Ryanair can almost hit their target in about the same time frame.”

The pilot of Solar Impulse still had his luggage when he arrived.

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